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Promoting Sustainable Innovation by Promoting Student Entrepreneurship

Our winners and judges!

We have a unique position here on campus. As students, we're tasked with learning and completing our coursework. As consultants, we're tasked with going above and beyond for our clients. As members of the Harvard community, we're tasked with supporting the community and shaping it for the better.

We take this last point to heart as a mission driven organization that hopes to promote sustainability through its initiatives and resources. And that's why I'm so excited that our CBE Ventures Initiative was so successful.

There was an idea. The idea was to bring together a remarkable group of people to see if they could build something more. We knew that our fellow students were full of initiative, drive, and innovative ideas. All they needed was that extra nudge to bring their ideas to fruition.

CBE Ventures was designed to fill the gap where there were no opportunities in the Fall semester for entrepreneurs to push their startups and ventures to the next level. Offering $15,000 in prize money across three different prizes, we knew we could help these companies succeed.

After seeing all of the applications, it was very difficult for us to choose just ten finalists. All of the applications were incredible as a testament to the high caliber of entrepreneurs on campus. We were really glad to see undergrad driven projects and teams with vast social impact scopes ranging from education to energy to transportation.

Our incredible judges hailing from incredible organizations helped us form a strong foundation to the the competition. Scott Xiao, CSO of Luminopia brought considerable background in the health-tech space. Jon Garrity, CEO of Tagup, brought a wealth of experience with startups and technology. Finally, Cayman Somerville, Recruitment and Wet Lab Development Manager at Greentown Labs, brought incredible insights into the sustainability space. We're very grateful for their coming and judging for us.

Congratulations to our fantastic winners! There are some really incredible companies here. MakerFleet won our Sustainability Prize for their Cloud platform for 3D Printing, helping improve product iteration and reducing waste with sustainable materials. The company is led by Harvard Undergrads and supports local businesses and schools.

Apothecary was our Runner-Up. This awesome company recommends sustainable and healthy beauty products personalized to your tastes. The company was founded by Harvard Undergrads.

Our Grand Prize Winner was Loro Co. Loro is a companion product for the disabled in wheelchairs allowing users to navigate safely and communicate effectively. We're really proud to support this incredible company that pushes our sustainability goals and supports underserved communities.

The CBE Ventures Initiative could not have been this successful without the support of our hard-working CTLs, Associates, and Analysts. They drove this event and ensured that it ran smoothly and successfully.

We can't wait to do this again next year. We know we can improve our event with the feedback we've received and hope to continue to serve the Harvard Community. Until then, venture on.

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