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Last spring, we gave away $10,000 in funding to local nonprofits, research initiatives and student groups working towards sustainability-driven projects during the upcoming year. Check out all our recipients' exciting projects here.



Harvard CBE was founded on the fundamental principle that community matters. That's why we're proud to give back to our community, whether it's through pro-bono cases or our programs.


From strategy and sustainability to life sciences, technology, and innovation, our blog covers a wide range of topics to provide valuable insights and thought-provoking perspectives. Our blog includes both internal reports highlighting CBE's achievements and insights, as well as external reports that delve into industry trends and research findings.


We've pledged to donate $30,000 to Low-Income Boston Public Schools students to help them pursue higher education.


Balancing extracurricular activities with jobs and classes is not easy. That's why we're committed to making it easier for students to join CBE, regardless of financial background or term-time responsibilities. We offer a need-based scholarship program for individuals who would otherwise not be able to join CBE due to financial responsibilities such as term-time work.

Community matters, and our goal is to ensure that there are no barriers to join our community for committed, hard-working students.

Reach out to your Managing Director to learn more.

Giving Report

Financial Aid

CBE’s commitments to financial aid are valued at $150,000 annually, with around $120,000 set aside exclusively for our members.


Every fall semester, our annual CBE ventures competition provides $20,000 in non-dilutive, equity-free funding to undergraduate and graduate student founded start ups connected to Harvard.

Community Support

In recent semesters, CBE has pledged additional support through the Arda Award, donating to relief efforts for the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, and purchasing MCAT book packages on the behalf of students.

Sustainability Grants

We provide $15,000 in grants For Harvard undergraduate and graduate students seeking to make sustainable change in their communities. 


Each fall, CBE hosts the largest startup competition at Harvard, providing non-dilutive funding to student startups as part of CBE Ventures. This fall, CBE is partnering with Harvard Undergraduate Capital Partners (HUCP) to host Innovation Fund X CBE Ventures, awarding over $20,000 combined in equity-free funding to Harvard’s most thoughtful entrepreneurs. In the spirit of CBE’s mission of promoting sustainable innovation, CBE will also be offering a separate prize for startups in the sustainability innovation space.

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