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Executive Board

Michelle Sun


Computer Science & Economics

Andrew Gong

Managing Director

Government & Economics

Katherine Jackson

Managing Director

Statistics & Economics

Jeremy Ng

Managing Director

Economics & Computer Science

Erica Choe

Managing Director

Computer Science - MBB Track

Krishi Kishore

Managing Director

Applied Math & Economics

Jack Cenovic

Managing Director

Applied Math, Economics & CS

Henrik Torres

Managing Director

Applied Math & Economics

Justin Xu

Director of Finance

Applied Math, Engineering & Govt

Brendan Franz

Director of Technology

Computer Science & Economics

Margaret Yin

Director of Operations

Neuroscience & History of Science

Edward Lee

Director of Sustainability

Envir. Science, Public Policy & Econ

Dan Ennis

Director of External Engagement

Applied Math, Economics & CS

Kanny Ho Fong

Director of Internal Engagement

History, Literature & EMR

Alex Geng

Director of Sourcing

Computer Science & Economics

Our analysts come from a diverse array of areas of study at Harvard, but share a common interest in fresh new ideas and working with innovative, forward-thinking and sustainable companies across various sectors. 

Our selective analyst recruitment, thorough training processes, and structured multi-level quality control ensures that we are able to mobilize Harvard's best talent to solve our most challenging business problems. Our analysts are trained by professional consultants from Bain & Company, Deloitte, and McKinsey and graduate to work at the world's top tech and consulting firms.



CBE takes an individual approach to every project. On each case team, the managing director, case team leader, associates, and analysts will first learn the specific needs of their client before creating a customized plan to solve the central question and come up with a final deliverable. The executive board oversees all aspects of CBE's activity, from managing cases to recruitment to organization-wide socials. Our members bring a variety of experiences and backgrounds including math and science competition winners, start-up founders, and interns at top professional consulting firms. Get to know us a little better below. 

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