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Breaktime & CBE: Sustainable Employment Opportunities in Cambridge

This semester, CBE is excited to announce our partnership with Breaktime, LLC. Breaktime is a student-run business in Cambridge whose goal is to create employment opportunities, vocational training, and career mentorship to homeless individuals in the community. The company was founded by Tony Shu and Connor Schoen, two undergraduates from the class of 2021 whose commitment to the Cambridge community and desire to build a sustainable employment model to alleviate a critical issue in our city have inspired all of us on the CBE team.

Currently, Breaktime manages a catering service in partnership with local breakfast food providers like Union Square Donuts. This catering service works with student groups, corporations, and other local event organizers while training and employing individuals experiencing homelessness in the city. Simultaneously, Breaktime has just built out a salesforce team that utilizes the company’s growing workforce to do high-skill marketing and sales work in partnership with other companies and caterers in Boston. The company’s long-term vision is to open a brick-and-mortar location in Cambridge, Breaktime Café, to centralize sales and implement the company’s employment vision fully. We’re proud to support the company as they continue to take important steps towards realizing their brick-and-mortar goal.

To help drive the execution of Breaktime’s medium- and long-term objectives, we have provided Breaktime with a renewable $5,000 grant to fund existing operations and future development. Our leadership team, in addition, has begun to provide the company with operational and strategic advice, transferring a lot of the same skills that have made our consulting group so successful with both Fortune 100 and startup clients.

This partnership is CBE’s first step into the realm of social enterprise: companies in the private sector whose goals and operations are geared towards the greater good of the communities in which they reside. Moreover, our work with Breaktime emblematizes our commitment to a broad vision of sustainability, one that prioritizes public health, accessibility, and mobility opportunities for everyone in our community.

Check out the work Breaktime is doing at their website,

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