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CBE helps ITDP investigate Chinese Investment in African Urban Transportation Infrastructure

By: Daniel Shen, Sophia Zhou, Fiona Millan, Kevin Tan, Khanh Le, and Daniela Shuman

Chinese investment in the African region has steadily increased over the past two decades, ranging in the billions of dollars annually. However, there is little public research about these investments, their motivations, and their outcomes; investment negotiations often occur privately, without opportunity for external stakeholder input. This presents a problem to organizations that have been working for decades with existing governments to develop climate-friendly and resilient transportation infrastructure. How can these organizations gain leverage in negotiations with Chinese investors and African developers to pursue “greener” infrastructure projects?

To solve this problem, a team of CBE and Insight Program members developed a comprehensive study detailing the process and outcome of Chinese investment in African transportation projects. A novel motivation framework for these investments was constructed, providing insight on the future of Chinese monetary flow to Africa. This white paper is a contribution to research on Chinese investment in Africa and an informative analysis for those interested in this field of affairs

Click here to download our entire slide deck:

Download PDF • 885KB

Click here to download a database of Chinese Investment Projects in African Transportation infrastructure:

Project Database - Roads_Rail
Download CSV • 50KB

Project Database - Roads_Rail
Download PDF • 579KB

Project Database
Download XLSX • 255KB


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